Welcome to Kirsch Drums

Small batch drums

My crew and I enjoy building small runs of kits and snares, built on various themes and inspirations. These small batches allow us to build everything with love and detail. Shop models get all the quality craftsmanship as a custom ordered kit, at fairy lower price. 

Custom orders

Theses are built entirely by my hands, in partnership with what inspires you, both visually and sonically. Building a kit together is a relationship I take very seriously. For this reason, I can only offer a small amount per year. 

Bearing edge services

There's a lot of talk about "your sound" in the drum industry. I've learned that my sound comes from being able to adjust and adapt my drums with just a drum key. Your sound comes from being able to explore your kits possibilities. Proper bearing edges can dramatically open those possibilities. You may not even need a new kit.


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We love to talk drums. Feel free to give us a ring with any questions you have about custom work or restorations. If we're busy working, or making more coffee, please leave a message and we'll get right back to you. Thank you for stopping by